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Originally Posted by Salmoneye
Where in the 2nd amendment does it say anything about "guns"?
Originally Posted by Gaerek
Haven't read the whole thread, but this is a really ignorant statement.
Then perhaps you should have read the thread before posting, as you seem to believe that I am saying that the 2nd doesn't apply to 'Guns'...

Originally Posted by Gaerek
5) The obvious intent of the 2nd Amendment referred to weapons, specifically firearms. Reading what the authors of the Constitution and Bill of Rights had to say on this issue makes it abundantly clear that the 2nd Amendment is about guns.
It does not apply 'specifically' to anything...It is not 'just' about 'guns'...

Tench Coxe, writing as "the Pennsylvanian" in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette, 1788:

"The power of the sword, say the minority of Pennsylvania, is in the hands of Congress. My friends and countrymen, it is not so, for the powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from 16 to 60. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American. The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."
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