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Trigger pull SA- 6.6 lbs, DA- 17.5 lbs. Seems a bit heavy.
The triggers of PP-series pistols are typically heavy. If it's going to be marketed as a legitimate trainer, the pull SHOULD be heavy. Walther apparently Gets It.
Not all rimfires have been made by Umarex. Walther is producing several rimfires, for example the HK licensed 416 and MP5 clones.
My bad, I should have specifically referred to the P22 and SP22.
The weight listed is the same 1.5 lbs as the stainless .380 PPK/S, but I just can't help but think Umarex when looking at this one.
Same here, given the suggested retail price. I doubt that a modern gunmaker in a Western country (read: "Not Turkey, Russia, or China") could produce a 100% faithful .22LR PP, PPK, or PPK/S and make a decent profit on it at the MSRP listed on the new website. I think corners are being cut; the question is which ones.
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