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I think we keep our senses, and our sense of humor. I think that it is terrible we have to fight the people we elected to do the right thing that we want. Still, if we just throw out varied reports, rumors and myths, and not facts, we diminish the value of our position.

Each and every time I see someone from the anti-gun side battle a pro-gun advocate, it resorts to the anti-gun person becoming hostile, accusatory and threatening. Odd, but true. Most of those that represent us sit calmly, lay the facts on the table and smile. If I walked into the room and watched that debate and didn't have an opinion either way, but had a vote, I'd vote for the pro-gun just based on the ability to present themselves at a level of calm and preparedness they have.

That said, we ALL need to do that. Yes, let's have fun with some of it. Let's call out those that are ridiculous. Let's vote OUT those that mean to infringe on our rights. Most off all, let's stand together with good common facts, not ones that stretch to the far reaches. Heck, I'm almost wondering if this President and Congress are wrapping so much focus on gun control to get us all, anti-gun people too, with taxation and terrible health care. Its happening.
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