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True story; "trick rolled"....

About 2 years ago, my good friend visited my city & rented a nice, new model Volvo sedan. We were in a Walmart parking lot in a business district(not a bad area or ghetto). A attractive young woman around 20-25 years old came up & asked us for a ride to a local mall(approx 2/3 miles away). She had some sad sack story about a broken car or needing to find her friends at the mall nearby.
We quickly told the woman; sorry, no can do, & shook out.
We debated if we took the right course of action or if the woman was honest.
About a year after that event, I saw a TV news item of a young guy in a new car who was car-jacked & murdered by a thug. The guy picked up a young girl who he didn't know. She asked the guy to take her "boyfriend" too. The pair then killed the hapless vehicle owner & stole his new car.
Cops & security guards call this being; "trick-rolled". People let their guard down, then BAM!
It happens often.

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