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As far as the uniforms go, by wintertime the regular field jacket and pants were on issue and mostly the original parachutist's outfit was not worn. However, I also believe those uniforms were retained by those issued them and not turned in.

The 11th Airborne Division operated in the Pacific and among other things, made a parachute assault on Corregidor Island in Manila Bay. They suffered a lot of casualties just from the jump itself, so the last wave went in by boat, along with a battalion from the 24th Division. Later, the Division was sent to Germany and was commanded by the same man who commanded the battalion from the 24th, after he went to jump school (as a colonel). Then the 11th Airborne was reflagged as the 24th Division. Anyway, I don't know if they ever wore the special airborne uniform.

The same man who designed the airborne uniform, whose name I don't remember just now, also designed the jungle uniform used in Vietnam and they look almost identical except for the color and the material.
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