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Would police and army or similar organisations not have any psychiatric checks or tests before they are let lose with firearms. If so why not civilians.

They manage to do the checks here. Part of a firearms certificate application form bellow. To me checking for mental health problems is common sense.

A13 Do you currently suffer from any serious medical condition including any alcohol or drug related condition, which is controlled by prescription medicines?
No Yes If yes give details below
A14 Do you currently have, or have you ever had, Epilepsy?
No Yes If yes give approximate dates of last two episodes
A15 Do you have a physical disability including sight related conditions (excludes normal spectacle use)
No Yes If yes give details below
A16 Have you attended a medical professional in the last 5 years for treatment of depression or any other kind of mental or nervous disorder?
No Yes If yes give details below
A17 Please give details of your current General Practitioner
A18 I give my consent for the police to approach my GP, consultant or other medical authority to obtain factual details of my medical history if necessary.
Dates: From
Date 1
Date 2
GP’s Name & Address inc Postcode
Usual Signature
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