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Savage Axis sight-in

I bought a couple of these rifles for teenaged grandsons for Christmas. They're both left-handed, so the choice was simple. My retailer was able to find two in .25-06 and I put them on layaway. They're actually a whole lot better rifles than I suspected that a rifle that I paid $318.00 NIB to be.

Sight-in was fairly simple, would have been easier if I hadn't used old bargain scopes that I had on the bench. But even with cheap bargain scopes, they sighted-in fairly easily.

It will be a little while before I can really sit down with the boys and wring those rifles out, to shoot for group, but I believe that they're going to be very nice rifles. They certainly seem to be accurate.

Next grandkid in the line-up tells me that he really likes the .308 cartridge. We might put a Ruger American on layaway for him for next year so I can do a side-by-side test.
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