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I think its more a matter of some making the assumption that I'm blind deaf and dumb and can't recognize just who in the room is the thrill killer shooting down people right and left all around me.

Would you rather stand trial or lay belly up to the sun with no place to go but in the ground?

If a man points a gun at me regardless of whats in his mind he is a threat that must be dealt with.
Thrill killers often work in pairs.

Only Jesse Owens could dig a carbine from his trunk or from behind a seat and run from a parking lot into a theatre or mall before I could empty a magazine into the "Active Shooter".
In that same length of time an active shooter with no opposition could kill twenty people.
By the time they could enter, cold with no idea of whats going on, the party would be over.
Acceptable risk with odds on saving the lives of twenty or more intended victims.

It occurs to me that all this worrying about possibly facing charges or possibly getting shoot by late arriving police or other would be rescuers that come on the scene cold and ignorant would take up just enough time to get someone killed and leave the "active Shooter" still active and blazing away on the crowd.
Over thinking a situation will get you killed quicker than following you instincts.
I don't cling to life nearly so much these days. Whatever comes willcome, a I don't expect to end up dead with a my piece still in the holster due to hesitation because I was worried about possibly going to court.

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