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I've always liked the 25-06. I built the rifle in the early 70's from a Chilian Mauser. Yes, steps were taken to insure it would take the pressure.....mag fluxed, annealed, retempered after work completed on bolt and reciever. Spent a lot of time on the receiver getting axis square, threads and end square, bolt lugs and face square. Barrel is 28" Lilja. Stock is a thumbhole. Lots of extras on it...hinged floor plate, timeny trigger w/safety, Orbendorf follower, to name a few.

I used it mainly for coyotes and pronghorn. Took a couple of mule deer with it. Even took an elk with it one year. Excellent cartridge for deer. Low recoil, flat shooting, good downrange energy.

My main hunting rifle is a 300WM and has been for decades. I have a 22-250 built from a 98 mauser, so for hunting I still have all the bases covered.

I also do way too much shooting not to reload and my daughter has been helping me for a few years. It wont be long before she will be making her own.

When she is out and on her own, I will miss having that rifle around, but not as much as I will miss her.
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