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If I'm suddenly struck momentarily blind between the time he opens up on the crowd and the moment I start putting holes in him you might have a point.

People carry handguns for self defense, they don't carry M4 carbines and a pump shotgun slung over their shoulder when going to the movies or for a night out at Olive Garden.

I thought it was clear that surrender is not an option.
As for LEO coming on the scene, how many times have we heard of a cop shooting a kid because he thought the kids cellphone was a pistol, or similar situations?

Not having a gun in your hand is no garantee that you won't get shot by police.
Running away is certainly no garatee that the active shooter won't plug you in the spine, in fact they'd be more likely to shoot anyone who makes a break for it.

As I said earlier there are acceptable risks.
If you want to be perfectly safe then stay home in bed. Never go to any public places. Then at least you will die at home, where most crime victims die.

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