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This topic gets argued to death. In theory, if you were justified in using lethal force and didn't put innocent bystanders at imprudent risk, it shouldn't matter what the weaponry was. In the real world, though, prosecutors are elected, and for that reason public perceptions of what you use could affect what the prosecutor actually does. Also, civil suits can happen after the legal issues are settled, though some jurisdictions don't allow when the case is closed with a finding of self-defense.

I suspect the best preparation is to know the situation where you live. You could call your county sheriff (also elected) and ask if he has a preferences about what kinds of ammunition CCW permit holders have in their weapons or if there there's anything they discourage or don't like to see or recommend avoiding, even if it's legal. They may be most concerned that you not have something that could penetrate police soft body armor or patrol car doors. Even if the sheriff has no specific recommendation, then at least you are on record as having done your due diligence in the matter, and unless you ignore any specific advice the sheriff offers, that creates an affirmative defense if the prosecutor should try to make a hill of beans out of what was in your gun.
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