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With all due respect, I think you missed my point. First, I'm on your side. I agree with you. I didn't mean the word "screaming" as a negative to what we are doing. I am "screaming" because I am infuriated with what is going on! I've never been so involved, written so many letters to the Congress, Senate and White House. I don't see this as merely Gun Control, I see it as Government Control. All of our rights must be protected!

What I am saying is that they are using their 1st Amendment right to public knowledge and speech. Basically they are saying "how can you say we can't do that? It's our right under the 1st Amendment, and if you say we can't do it, then we can say you can't have guns.

It is immoral, and I wouldn't stoop to that level even if I had public information. But I am confident they are using the 1st Amendment to defend what they are doing, and how can we fight that when we are saying we need to protect our rights under the Constitution?
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