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Where in the 2nd amendment does it say anything about "guns"?
Haven't read the whole thread, but this is a really ignorant statement.

1) Where in the 1st Amendment does it say anything about radio, TV, Internet or Twitter? I suppose free speech shouldn't be extended to these outlets?

2) Definition of Arms, as defined by Merriam-Webster:

a means (as a weapon) of offense or defense; especially : firearm

3) Go read Heller vs. DC, and MacDonald vs. Chicago majority opinions. They both clearly state that arms refer to guns.

4) I implore you to find the word "Privacy" in the Constitution. You won't find it, yet the Government invading privacy is considered Un-Constitutional (well, less so since the Patriot Act, anyway). It's because we can look at the obvious intent, and implied intent of certain phrases and clauses...the 3rd Amendment being a biggie in this instance.

5) The obvious intent of the 2nd Amendment referred to weapons, specifically firearms. Reading what the authors of the Constitution and Bill of Rights had to say on this issue makes it abundantly clear that the 2nd Amendment is about guns.
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