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The reprehensible actions of the newspaper are instructive as to how each of our civil liberties - our Constitutional rights - are inextricably tied together. In an attempt to intimidate lawful United States citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to own a firearm, the newspaper and the state invaded the privacy rights of these Americans. Privacy is the foundation of personal autonomy, and we are in a lot of trouble until we demand that ALL of our Constitutional rights are respected. Europe has been on a downward spiral in inhibiting the privacy rights of Europeans (including Switzerland, which many gun owners mistakenly treat as a bastion of liberty, which is not). Do we really want to turn into a European cesspool?

EDIT: For those who are concerned that every record held by the government is subject to FOIA or NYS FOIL laws, this is not true. The state and courts have long held privacy exceptions to the freedom of information laws. Ex., your tax returns are not subject to public disclosure.
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