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I know his experience, and the article, is on Browning salt cured stocks (Winchester, Weatherby, etc), but here is what he has to say on the subject.

"In my shop the first thing we do is remove the salt cured stock and put in on the woodpile next to the fireplace. These stocks really get a fire going in the fireplace and if you leave the recoil pad on the stock, it smokes a little, but it gets the fire going even better. This is the only appropriate use for a salt gunstock."

One thing I found particularly interesting, on page 3, was that refinishing somehow tends to activate whatever small amount of salt is left in the wood even after you think it's fixed.

Does anyone have a copy of the pic of the Browning stocks curing after they bought the process from Morton Salt? The process had been used successfully in the furniture industry, but didn't work out for guns. I saw the pic years ago; it shows pallets of stock blanks stacked high and packed with salt. The one I'm looking for has a front end loader in use. Maybe I saw it in a book on the Superposed.

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