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Something else for him to chew on...Semi autos, and actual assault rifles are what the POLICE use. If the guns themselves are evil, are made only to kill, then we have armed our police to be KILLERS!!!!

Armed KILLERS stalk our streets 24/7, paid for with out tax dollars!!!!

A uniform and a badge are not a magical barrier of inviolability.

This is not an anit cop rant, I'm trying to point out the fallacy of believing that the tool is the cause.

The one crime commited with a legally owned machinegun, in nearly 80 years of highly resticted ownership, was committed by a POLICE OFFICER!

Cops are human, and a tiny percentage of them are bad, just like the rest of humanity. If semi autos are bad things that turn people into killers, better take them away from the police, FIRST!!!!!!

And, if they aren't (which is the truth) then why bother to get so worked up about them.

This latest incident, where people are saying things like "if his mother hadn't had the guns", or if his "mother had them secured"...hello, he KILLED his MOTHER!!!! Having done that, even breaking into a safe would have been a minor speedbump...
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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