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BIRD... you are certainly allowed your opinion, but I actually went the other way... ( used to have several scoped revolvers ) I now only have one on my 6" barreled Dan Wesson 357 Max... & I'm happy with a single shot... I started out with a 14" with a 2-7X scoped Contender in 45-70, & that worked well for me, all those years, when I was hunting in rifle zones ( up north ) when I started hunting locally ( shotgun only ) I've been hunting private land surrounded by public ground on 3 sides... I switched to a 10" 30-30, with a 2-7X scope..., but found the deer moving too much, & the cover too thick, to use a scope, I picked up a dedicated 10" 45 Colt barrel that I added fiber optic sights to... I developed a +P 45 Colt load with XTP's that shot very well... seems like the perfect deer hunting gun for me... the 10" barrel Contender measures up about the same size as a 6" revolver, so it holsters on my belt well ( or still fits in the bandolier holsters )

the MAX keeps the 4 X Luepold, as it was my FIL's before he died, he was able to shoot a deer in WI, at about 150 yards... so I keep it as it was out of respect for him, & for something to aspire towards... ( I'm only good with a handgun to around 100 yards consistantly )

BTW... though I don't use one of the "long revolvers" I still see their viability ( see my post #6 )
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