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In basic in the Army we qualified with irons on worn out M-16A2s and assorted "frankegun" M-16s, like old A1s with A2 handguards and such.

In AIT, we started training with various optics, mainly the M-68 CCG, but some work with the ACOG.

We got the option to be issued either an M-68 or ACOG when we went downrange. I took the ACOG because I don't see that well.

I understand the need to train with iron sights, and feel it should be part of the curriciculum, but, especially with the limited training time and funds marksmanship gets, I would rather my new Soldiers trained with the weapon system they will actually employ down range.

Course, if I had it my way, you would have to shoot expert with the M-16A4 to make PFC and hold atleast a Sharpshooter qual to promote beyond E-4. And I would bring back 500 yard targets in basic for everybody, even the girls at Ft. Jackson.
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