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Once again Bob, I can't really argue with you. Not a fan of hand-rifles, BFR's or scopes handguns for that matter. Once you get so big than you might as well tote a carbine.
Here in northwestern NY state, it's not an option. It's very flat land where I live, and we can hunt the regular deer season with shotgun, muzzleloader, or handgun.

For the last several years, I've taken my gun-season deer with a scoped revolver. I'd rather hunt any day with one of my scoped .44mags than a shotgun.

I had a Contender once in 30-30. I hated it, couldn't shoot well with it, and it was a bear to tote around. The revolvers fit well in a nice bandolier holster, and the 44 brings plenty of punch to the game even in my moderate handloads.
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