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In my opinion the LCR 22 is a must have Practice/Training J frame size revolver that is economical to shoot a lot. Trigger time is how you get good with an airweight snubby. A 22 is the only way most of us can afford that amount of trigger time. I have shot bricks through my LCR 22, and I can really see an improvement in my 442 S&W accuracy.

With a centerfire airweight handgun comes something called Recoil. Lots of lady shooters cannot tolerate the recoil generated by a centerfire J Frame size revolver. They also will not carry something heavy enough to soak up recoil to a tolerable level for them.

The LCR 22M with Personal Defense ammunition will certainly have more punch than the LCR 22 shooting Stingers, or Fragible 22 LR, and still will have tolerable recoil. I believe this is a part of the market Ruger is targeting with the 22 Magnum. One of my local dealers has been stocking 22 Magnum Taurus snub nose revolvers for the last 3 years that I know of. He has also been selling them regularly. I never see one come back in used.

Given the choice between an expensive Smith & Wesson 22 Magnum, the Taurus 22Magnum, and a Ruger LCR 22 Magnum, if the LCR works without any issues it will be the 22 Magnum Snub to own.

For a reload Tuff Products carries the Model 1017 Quick Strip. This is a 17 HMR/22 Magnum Ammunition Carrier that will hold 10 rounds for manual loading one round at a time.
I use the 22 LR version the Model 1022 when Speed Strip loading my LCR 22. With the 8 shot LCR 22 you need to load the Speed Strip in Pairs leaving a shell out of the speed strip between pairs for Cylinder Clearance. It will only hold 7 rounds, however the LCR 22 can be reloaded with 7 rounds more rapidly than I can load 5 in my J Frame 38. I index on the empty chamber when closing the cylinder, works fine. The speed strip loaded looks like this: OOxOOxOOxO

With the 6 Shot LCR 22M using the Model 1017 Quick Strip I would again load the speed strip in pairs, skipping a pair for cylinder clearance. With a 6 shot cylinder you will need more cylinder clearance. It should look like this loaded:OOxxOOxxOO.
When ordered direct from Tuff Products you can get other colors besides Hide in the Grass Black. I normally get most of mine in Orange so they are easy to locate on the ground after a practice reload. They also come in Pink for the Lady shooters.

If the LCR 22M will fire the Personal Defense ammunition without any issues, this should be a winner for recoil shy lady shooters in my opinion.

I agree with the poster above an SP101 version with adjustable sights with a 3 or 4 inch barrel would make a great Trail/Hiking revolver.


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