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While there's some correlation between gun control and democide, you'd have a hard time proving causation.
+1. For many decades, Canada has had gun control regulations that are fairly severe by American standards, but Canadian history is notable for a near-total absence of anything resembling armed civil conflict or genocide.

Also, be careful what one says about Switzerland, or Israel for that matter. Both countries have lots of guns, but their societies are almost unique in the world, and both countries have arms registration and possession requirements that would make most American gun owners tremble.

FWIW a close relative of mine had several coworkers who had to work at a client location in Switzerland for several months; they said that the country seemed almost like the Twilight Zone, beautiful and filled with happy smiling sociable people, but with government regulations that seemed to permeate every corner of society... and most of the populace seemed to welcome the apparent micromanagement. NOT the USA, not even close!
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