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Load question for converted Astra .38 super

Hi folks, new to the forum and brought by a need for what is probably a truly odd question. A bit of background first.

My father was a prolific handloader, and wrote mostly related articles for fun between 1970 and 1986. He passed many years ago, and due to some family machinations I have only now added to my collection a number of his guns, none of which have been fired or even handled in 25 years. For various articles, he tended to do some unusual things to his weapons, so it's clearly wise to do some research before loading anything in anything!

The one I'm interested in at the moment is an Astra M600 9mm Luger. As documented in a Guns article from June 1977, the gun has been converted to .38 super. The barrel was relined and rechambered by David Woodruff. I'm an experienced shooter, but haven't yet started reloading... that's likely this year. This Astra naturally uses a 9mm Luger magazine, modified slightly to feed the .38 super. However, the super is a longer round.

Am I correct that all .38 super factory ammunition will be too long to feed in this gun? I presume I could chamber factory singles and they would eject appropriately, as the case is true .38 super. Any advice? Yep, I do know the right answer is to handload short .38 supers, and dad's article outlines details and results from loads ranging mild to hot. Thanks for any advice!
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