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A snubbie in .22 Mag would be great if you already own a .22 Mag rifle or even a longer barrel .22 Mag revolver like the Single Six. A companion piece in the same chambering is always nice to have.
The .22 Mag is basically a rifle cartridge and only reaches a decent power level in a barrel of six inches or longer.

I see no reason why a small frame .22 Mag revolver cylinder should not have 8 or 9 chambers. The round is potent for a small bore rimfire but it does not require the ultra thick cylinder walls we have become used to with the Single Action six-gun revolvers any more than the .22 LR in those same revolvers.

My nine shot Sentinel .22 LR cylinder if reamed to .22 Mag would have thinner chamber walls than I'd like, but a small increase in cylinder diameter should make a nine shot .22 Mag cylinder feasible, especially with modern metalurgy.
The Sentinel Mark IV doesn't seem to have had any problems despite thinner chamber walls.

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