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Tell me about the 2008 primer shortage

I've looked at a dozen Internet cites and ALL primers are out-of-stock. My local gun stores have not had SPP since last August.

Although I have reloaded since 1975, I was not actively involved in the hobby during the last shortage in 2008. Please tell me, what happended:

* What caused the 2008 primer shortage; was this after Obama was elected?
* How long did it last?
* What was the long term impact on prices?
* Did it impact the sale price and avalability of completed commercial ammo?
* Was this a worldwide shortage or just US manufacturors?
* Did this impact sales of other supplies - brass, bullets, powder, reloading presses, etc?
* Did manufacturors increase production?
* How did you know the shortage was starting to ease; did this ocuur from supplies becoming avalable from large Internet suppliers or your local gun stores?

...just wondering how this is likely to play out - Thanks...
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