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I have never used muzzle loading 209s in my BP shotshells and regular 209s work just fine in those. It's splitting hairs mostly and maybe an excuse to price gouge because the box of primers has a picture of a muzzleloader on it.

It's like motor oil, put a picture of a motorcycle on the label and the price doubles.
You aren't considering the fact the BP shotshells generally have a crimp that will contain the initial push of the exploding primer. I use regular 209s in BP shotshells also.

The choice of a regular 209 shotgun primer or a specific ML 209 sized primer is dependent on the powder you are using. If you are using Pyrodex or 777, then use a primer made for a ML only. They both need the hotter ignition. If you are using Blackhorn 209, then I believe you need to use a regular 209 primer.
ML primers are not as hot as shotgun 209 primers. 777 and Pyro need ignition that is generally hotter than percussion caps, but do not need ignition as hot as standard shotgun 209 primers. BH209 needs hotter ignition, and recommends standard shotgun 209 primers.
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