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I have a different view on what is happening here. While I think this was wrong from a moral issue (I've never known any media outlet to think about morality first), I think they are pressing this to make an example. They are "flaunting" their 1st Amendment right in this fight about the 2nd Amendment.

Right or wrong, what they published is public information and the 1st Amendment allows them to print it. I don't agree that they should have done it, but they also don't agree that I should own a gun. It's a "tit for tat". We are screaming about exercising and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, while saying they shouldn't be able to exercise their 1st Amendment right. They are probably loving the irony of it all, even though it is perceived as being such a negative thing that they have done.

In the media, there is a belief that bad press is better than no press. I think they are all smiling right now with all of the publicity this has raised.

I have to say that I hate the USA that we live in today, in so many different ways. It's a shame where we are headed and I am concerned about my kids quality of life, and not just from a monetary standpoint......
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