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reynold's comment:
I really do not even think a bent action would affect accuracy so long as you could get the bolt face perfectly square to the bore and the lugs to 100% contact.
This reminds me of an incident some years ago in California. A pre-'64 Win. 70 bolted receiver had passed through several top 'smiths hands trying to get it to shoot really good with Hart barrels chambered for the .308 Win. Never happened. Excellent bolt lug lapping, face squaring as well as receiver face squaring. All the right stuff that others had done that made them shoot great.

One 'smith just happened to notice one strange thing after he had put a threaded mandrel into the barrel tenon threads, fit both ends of the mandrel to dead centers on his lathe then spun it at low speeds. The back end of the receiver made a bigger than normal arc spinning around the mandrel. He then put a bolt way gauge in the receiver (tight fit rod with a 1/16th inch hole through it), threaded a shanked barrel into the receiver's front end, then looked through the bolt wat gauge. The gauge's tiny hole well misaligned with the barrel's bore axis. It's barrel tenon threads were way out of whack. The bolt way axis at its back end was at least 3/16ths inch off center to the barrel's bore axis.

After rethreading the receiver's barrel tenon threads to a bit larger diameter such that they aligned with the bolt way and resquaring the receiver face, it did just fine. But subsequent barrels needed a 1-1/16ths inch diamter tenon at 16 tpi; standard barrels for that receiver have a 1 inch diameter tenon.
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