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Disturbing News From Vets Administration

I got a call last night from a friend, . . . he had received the call from one of his military budds.

Seemed his buddy went to the VA for some general reason, . . . got confronted by a doctor who wanted to know ALL ABOUT his guns, how many, what kind, what caliber, why he needed em, ....................

The vet got kinda defensive, . . . more or less told the Dr to mind his own business and was told flat out that if he didn't pony up the truthful answers, the VA could terminate his eligibility to be treated.

I don't know all the perimeters and parameters, . . . was not there, . . . but my friend is not one for spreading fairy tales or war stories, . . .

BOTTOM LINE: If you are a vet, . . . be careful what you say, how you answer if you go to the VA people.

I'll probably have more on it personally, as I have my first visit coming up in the next few weeks.

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