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Do you haggle on your gun purchases? I would say I haggle on about 80% of my purchases. I want the guy to make some money and I don't want to beat him up so bad he think gah I don't wanna see that guy walk through the door again. I also want a fair price. So I try to balance the two things. Taking care of the local gun shops is important because if we don't we are going to lose em to the superstores whos politics blow with the wind and may pull guns off their shelves at anytime.

Gun sellers, what is the best way to get a fair price? Do you price haggling into your retail prices. I know on new guns the margin can be quite slim sometimes especially with easy access to internet gun sales. What is the best way to be a good customer that gets "special treatment" ie phone calls if something cool comes in used. First shot at components when they are scarce...
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