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I said earlier that I buy and trade them all the time. I have been known to buy the very same gun twice.

Not long ago I sold a 1955 Smith & Wesson M&P 38. Nice five screw gun with diamond Magna grips (not the original ones). It was a nice gun, but I didn't shoot it a lot. Sold it and forgot about it.

Several months later my wife said she wanted to get "just a plain 38" to shoot at the range. Well, darn...I just sold one of those that would have been perfect. We'll have to look for another one.

A week or so ago, we go the LGS, and I see an old K-frame in the back of the case. Ask to see it, and it's the same one I sold a few months back. It's back in my safe now.

Sure, I had to pay a little more for it, but it was less than a pawn fee would have been.
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