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LOL - If a person has enough body fat to stop a .36 round ball - getting beat to death by them is my last worry. I don't see the round that much different in terms of capability than a .32 or .380. Both, very popular carry calibers in the small semi-autos with a number of folks advocating FMJ for penetration and reliability. I see more than a few owners pocket carrying them with only one magazine, so any round count advantage is significantly negated. If your a part of the crowd that just has to have something that begins with a 4... You got the Remington New Model Army or the Colt 1860 as another option.

I will agree that medical care is better today than in past eras, and if a person makes it to the ER they got a better chance. That's a post shooting endeavor.

I've seen a number of these discussions on some of the other forums. Pretty much across the board, the more experience a person has with these weapons, the more comfortable they are with them.

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