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cops vs armed citizens(students)....

I disagree with the "large PDs issue striker fired pistols like the Glock, M&P or Walther P99QA" line because sworn LE officers or armed professionals must train/qualify with these firearms. They can spend the time or fire the rounds to get better. John or Mary citizen may not have the same resources.
It's true that many working cops are not bullet-heads or "into" guns and they must train with sidearms as a job requirement but they must also practice & can do so with more ranges, ammunition or gear than a regular citizen.
I stand by suggestions for a simple DA only hammer fired pistol. I saw a few used Beretta 8000 series D(DA only) model .357sig pistols & a few surplus 96D .40S&W pistols at a local shop(prices around $450.00) so I know there are pistols available if you look.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the Glock, M&P, Kahr or XD models. I'm saying they are not the best for entry level/new gun owners.

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