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Dan your handle does know the peace of a permanant home. Thats what I wanted. After I shoot it I will be able to tell for sure if I need the taller front post like Quentin2 said I may need. But so far as I can tell it should be fine...

And the buttstock does feel like cheap plastic. I don't know, I don't have another gun to compare it to. As long as it works it should be fine for my uses. It does seem to be tight between the upper and the lower. No wedgee needed yet.

ratshooter, I'm pretty sure the DPMS front sight and RRA carry handle both are commercial height so you shouldn't have problems zeroing. Now later the front post could be an issue, if you go to a third party flip up rear sight, most of them are milspec height.

Most cheap stocks on a stock AR rattle around so that's normal. Once you press it into your shoulder it tightens up and doesn't affect your shooting. If you find it annoying, the Magpul CTR fits very tight and eliminates rattle. Again you have to get the commercial size CTR since DPMS uses that diameter, not milspec. I'm a milspec guy now and won't let myself get caught up in having two different sizes anymore!
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