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It ain't over 'till............

We're still deer hunting in AL........Lord I love it, to a fault. Season ends last of Jan and the rut is just starting to roll....saw 11 deer last night on patrol and 6 were an area with few deer sightings prior. Time to hunt.

In Feb I fool around w/ coyotes, and do some post season deer scouting as the access roads stay open 'till Feb. I also run my trashy beagles a bit on rabbits just a little. March....turkey scout. South zone opens 15March, but I don't hunt it so much anymore. Not worth the drive. Time better spent dialing in some birds closer to home. April ....spring gobblers!!!!! I threaten every year to trout fish in E. Tn in May, but have not made the trip in 10 years.

Lord, I hate mowing the grass.
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