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Wow, lots of replies on what I thought was a sort of lame post, thanks guys.

Some answers to questions posed. No, we did not get reads on the airsoft BB's, the literature (yes I DID read it) says the unit does not "see" so well indoors w/o a kit. We were goofing around, Christmas Day and all, and gave it a whirl. I believe outdoors, in the correct light, it will read an airsoft BB.

The lit says 15' (?) from muzzle and we measured same ( or at least the correct distance, it may have been 12). Several .270/110's went 2850 +/_.
The object of the .270/110 was to get a 3000 fps and a laser flat trajectory out to 300 yds for our smallish Dixie deer. I had heard enough about 130's and 22" tubes to believe that 3000 fps would be pushing it. But it seems I have lots of margin to push the 110 harder. I have seen enough good press and reports on the 110's on deer to believe it will do fine. That could be a whole new post.

In the same rifle, my load with 130's was 53.5 IMR4350. Less powder and a heavier slug, again from a buddy's Sierra manual. After seeing the results of the 110's, that 130 load must really be loafing along. No wonder it did not seem to expand like it should. Accurate though. I will screen some Super-X 130 Silvertips and see how they do, have enough on hand to finish season.

The pal I was shooting with said "Test it w/ some .22's, first", and we did. The readings were good and we proceeded.

I watched another bud drill his Chrony....twice, before I could do anything to stop him. Anybody asks, a .40 FMJ controlled pair, will take out a Chrony every time!

I am looking forward to screening my bows, .22v.22 mag, and a host of other projects, AFTER deer season.
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