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Once you resize it will seat a bullet properly like any other case. After you shoot it again you probably will not see that crimp line again or it will eventually disappear with firing and resizing.

Treat it like any other .38 case, it's fine. And that is a good reloader instinct to always research before throwing away. Actually, never throw away, at worst put into a recycle bucket to eventually sell as scrap. I put all my brass that has cracked, has loose primer pockets, any other defect, along with old brass pipe fittings, stripped brass screws, and anything brass.

But if you are inspecting brass and it has anything you know is wrong or close to it, just recycle it. I probably cull one or two cases every time I reload a batch of 100-200. Whether I recycle one or four cases is nothing in the long run and absolutely foolish to let those couple of marginal cases slip through. When it comes to defects my motto is, "If in doubt, recycle it!" If it is something I have not seen before and not sure if it is a defect then do what you just did, ask around and read up on it.
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