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FTE: Failure to Eject, UPDATED

Edit: Images below in 2nd post

So today at the range I took my AR15 out. 5.56 1:7 16" barrel. Once I went through a 10 round magazine without any FTE, others it was once ever 2 or 3 shots. The spent case was getting stuck in the chamber while the bolt was cycling.

I was using Fiocchi 45 grain .223 frangible sinterfire ammo. It was the only ammo they had at my range since all the other .223/5.56 had been eaten alive in the past few weeks. I talked to clerk and he mentioned that this wasn't a surprise to him.

I'm aware that the unfrangible ammo and the low grain count could be the big reason why this was happening, but are other possible reasons this could have happened?
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