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Thanks, dalecooper51.

Brent, Dale, and anyone else who wants to provide this newbie with their opinions on my notes:

So my familiarization with my gun continues... I took off the recoil pad and boy is it hollow in there... I'm definitely going to fill it up - well, my crafty wife will probably make a snug little pouch of shot and sand or something to put in there.

I'm probably going to replace the existing pad with a limbsaver - seems to get a lot of good reviews.

I also removed the choke tube for the first time just using my fingers since I didn't get a tool/wrench with my gun. I actually have a 5 Kroner coin that seems to fit perfectly, but I used my fingers to remove and then replace the choke tube. How tight do I need to screw it back in?

Also, the choke tube seems to be barely smaller than the barrel - does it actually do anything?

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