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Do you own a Bushmaster? Have you ever owned a Bushmaster?
I know you are right about what many people say but, many people repeat what they read on the internet as if it is the gospel when most of them have never even held a Bushmaster.
I never once said the quality has gone down. I only said that the new Bushmaster is completely different than the old Bushmaster.

That said, I work in one of the highest-volume gun shops in this region of the country. (Heck, we're one of the only shops in this part of the country who even have any AR-15s left, and we have a whole lot of them.) I've talked to many people who feel the quality has gone down since the overhaul happened. Do I take their word as gospel? No, I don't; but I do listen to advice from good sources and take it into consideration.

All I've been saying this entire time is that when a company changes everything completely like Bushmaster did, it's really not the same company as it was before. Whether that new company makes a product that is better or worse is up to the actual owners to decide.
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