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I have both FFP and SFP scopes. I like both, for the purpose I use each for.

I use my only FFP scope for coyote hunting. It allows me to range the animal with minimal movement. I don't have to check what power it is set at, and I don't have to move my hands to use my laser rangefinder. The only reason I have FFP is range calculation.

All of my other scopes are SFP. Some are BDC reticle, none are Nikon BDC (I detest the circles). The reticle of a SFP scope gets smaller in relationship to the target with magnification increase. This makes accurate shots on small targets like PDs easier. FFP scope reticle stays the same size in relation to the target with magnification, which makes it appear thicker. It will also cover more of the target at longer range.

If you like fine crosshairs and don't like changing BDC lines you should get a SFP standard crosshair with target turrets. You can dial in yardage precisely. You will have to learn that for long range shooting anyway. And BDC reticles are only good to 5 or 600 yards anyway.

As to what scope.... lots of good ones out there. I am happy with my Burris, Vortex, Alpen, Nikon. I don't own any Leopold or Ziess but all of them I have used are excellent. Vortex has a great warranty, forever and for any reason if it stops working, repair or replace. Descent prices too. Whatever you choose, look through the scope before buying it. Compare several side by side.
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