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I find the disaably just fine (and there is none of that nasty trigger pulling needed on other guns, de-cocike it and off it comes.

I like the combo take down lever and slide hold back (makes for a clearne less busy left side).

De-cock is great.

Not sure about scratches, knocked mine around and its fine. Also guess I would not care, this is duty gun and I don't think any of the poly guns are works of art and its nice not to coddle it.

Annoying on the magazine. one extra is about alll you should need anyway. Gets worse than that the wife should be handling you the modern musket! (or be backing you up and take over the firing duties while you load up with the long term combat stuff)

Its got the same quality as guns twice the price. SA trigger is good as is the DA which does its job as a safety. You can always cock it.

Mines been flawless, my newphe got one with a bad chamber that had to go back and they corrected that.
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