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I have always been a big fan of the 32H&R in the SSM and had one in SP101 untill wonderlust got the best of me and I traded it! When the 327 Fed. came out I was all over it! I love the round and have done my part to support it. Have all three of the Rugers, S&W 632 bright stainless, and a little Taurus two tone. I cary the GP100 the most as a CCW and have shot IDPA with it. Even with 100gr lead reloads it will put down the steel targets every bit as good as any 9mm. This round realy shines in the J frame size gun for CCW. The only draw back is that the noise level makes it seem like it has more kick than it realy does.

I would LOVE to see S&W chamber it in the K frame with 7 rounds, or Ruger make it in the same 4 inch SP101 like the 357 or 22lr 4 inch. I would also buy a light, short bolt action in the 327 as well.
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