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<EDIT> BARRY beat me to it on the finger extension subject

Keep in mind while I am not a fan of Glock (mostly due to the price) Glocks are very ergo-dynamic. They fit my hand so well I can pick up a 22, 30 or 23 and not really feel a difference. They just fit and point well for me.

I was very lucky to grow up my whole life shooting...anything I could get my hands on. Might be a PPK one day, and an 8" 686 the next, and about every Glock made with the exception of the long slide models. If it's got a trigger I'm comfortable with it. My wife on the other hand learned how to shoot from me. She had never even handled a gun as small as the 26. She learned on my 92FS Beretta and them moved to full sized 1911s. She had a lot of trouble adjusting to the stubby little G26 I got her for Christmas last year (still has some issues, had a horrible time with her pulling down due to the short grip, made worse by the even shorter barrel, and the extended mag plate seemed to make it worse). I tried like the devil to get her to look at the G19. I feel she would have done much better to have picked the 19.

And while I still prefer the G19 for a 9mm glock. All that being said, the 26 is a VERY well put together little pocket powerhouse. It's the 4th best glock there is

1st G21SF,
2nd G30SF,
3rd G19.

Also...the Item # PG-36 +1 extended mag in the above link for pierce posted by BERRY there is one made one for the 26 and they are AWESOME. great feel.

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