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For those interested (or have older eyes and need to), The SK not intrusive (not holes to drill and tap) scope mount for the Model of 1917 works very well.

I went with the SK rings as they work fine but the mount also comes setup for Weaver (those you have to buy so the SK mount and rings package is less and they are the best height to clear the bolt handle)

I am in the need to, got one when I got the gun but the range closed for the month and the weather was sub zero anyway!

Range is open, a whole lot warmer and got it mounted and tested today.

The only caveat is the front part of the scope has to be no larger than a Redfield 4-12 hunting scope (Revolution?) Anything larger hits the upper forearm. My brothers suggestion (as I also have Cabellas 4-12 that is too large) is to get a sacrificial forearm and carve it down. That would work fine.

Also, due to the height you do not get a cheek weld, so either have to adjust or get a strap on type.

The mount itself goes on simply and easily. Only minor caveat is the rear set screws for the rings have to be put in before you pout the mount on as the ears are just a tad too high to allow you to insert once it is mounted.

Seems plenty solid.

Got about a 2 inch group at 100 yds at the end. Lot of fuzzting with how to get a solid sight picture but the scope setup works.

I suspect better as time goes by and will see what kind of bullets it likes (reloads). Cleaned the bore during the shooting and after and its cleaned up real nicely.
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