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Y2K +13 is the culpert!

This is what the Regional Manager had to say about the confusion the last 3 day of the season,
Communication with hunters and trappers in the late season was compromised Tuesday and early Wednesday by a computer malfunction. The hot line that hunters and trappers were required to call before going afield said the season had closed in the Northwest Zone, when actually it had not. DNR officials suspect the erroneous recording was prompted by the change to the new year, said Jeff Lightfoot, DNR regional wildlife manager in Grand Rapids.
And there is a couple comments on the season from the opponents.
Critics call hunt premature

Collette Adkins Giese, a biologist and attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, said watching the state’s wolf season was troubling.

“I’ve been haunted by the knowledge that wolves suffered and died because we were unable to stop the hunt,” Adkins Giese said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

“And I’ve been troubled by the DNR’s operation of the wolf season,” she said. “They exceeded the quota in the Northeast in the early season, and this week where there was the technical problem with the website …
As much as i am troubled with the last 3 day's events,on a whole this season went very good, and to control the season on a day by day basis the DNR did a good job.
For Ms. Giese to whine about a couple animals taken over the quota when thousands of Hunters and trappers are involved is again an indicator of their irrational obsession against any form of animal control, IMHO
So my statement to those people is, they should be thankful to the hunters and trappers for making our forest a safer place to recreate, because i truly believe that without this control wolves would loose their fear of MAN and that would be dangerous!
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