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Single six, I'm having trouble believing that IF any gun control legislation passes it will do so quickly.
I'm also seeing that the anti 2nd amendment folks didn't strike quite quickly enough. If they had done it in the week following the tragedy they might have pulled something off.
If the people leading the charge were people who were seen as moderates I'd be a lot more worried. Diane Feinstein should've gotten picked last to write and introduce this.
IMHO the president handed off to the VP so that when the most likely outcome for this happens, no real anti-2A legislation passing, he can blame it on someone else, and try to use executive priviledge. That's at a minimum going to take months.
At that point only will prices rise above what we're seeing now and stay up.
It's entirely possible that as a bolt action, even with a detachable magazine, the GSR will not be a target.
All that being said, I'm trying VERY hard to accumulate some money for a couple handgun purchases myself, just in case the nuts succeed.
Do you need it? If the answer is yes, don't take any chances, the congress and president have been very clear about not caring about the will of the people when they want something bad enough.
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