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I never said they aren't as good as the old Bushmaster, but many people who have owned both say the quality has gone down since the change.
Do you own a Bushmaster? Have you ever owned a Bushmaster?
I know you are right about what many people say but, many people repeat what they read on the internet as if it is the gospel when most of them have never even held a Bushmaster. I have two in my possession right now. One was made in Windham and one was made in Ilion and the only difference I can see in the two is the name of the city stamped on the side of the receiver. My Brother in law bought a Windham Weaponry rifle last week and it is a very nice looking rifle. When you field strip it to clean it, you can just barely force the bolt back into the carrier because the gas rings fit so tight and the firing pin retaining pin is almost impossible to install unless you have it positioned just perfectly. The chamber won't close on rounds that feed flawlessly in my Bushmaster and then when you try and extract the round you have to really pull hard on the charging handle to get it to come out. I was first issued an M16 in 1976 and have used many M16s and AR15s of just about every configuration and have never had those kind of problems before.

I don't think it is fair to say that Bushmaster fired all their employees. I think they just didn't want to transfer in order to keep their jobs. This is one of those things that happen in business quite often. I have been through that myself. I had every opportunity to transfer if i wanted to keep my job I chose not too.
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