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I bought one new back in about 1982 and shot it in competition and fun for about 15 yrs. I finally sold it to fund part of the cost for a Wilson Combat 1911.

I don't regret buying the Wilson Combat 1911, but I sure do regret selling my 41.
I had the 7 inch barrel model and I had two barrels for it, one scoped. It was the best .22 pistol I ever owned, accuracy wise, and every other way. They are very reliable, at least mine was, and so easy to break down for cleaning, or changing barrels, plus the magazines are easier to load then just about all of it's competition.

I have shot one for many thousands of rounds, and won and or placed in my fair share of shooting matches with it. I would rather own one 41 then 3 Rugers, or any other .22 pistol that I know of that sells for under a thousand dollars. They are simply the best design I ever used.
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