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Originally Posted by carguychris View Post
That was going to be comment #1. Comment #2 is don't eat or drink while cleaning a gun, or clean a gun where eating and drinking takes place on a regular basis. Primer residue contains lead, and you really don't want lead to get into your mouth.

FWIW same goes for smoking; the act of bringing a cigarette to your lips after touching primer residue can also transfer it to your mouth.

BTW I don't intend to be patronizing; it's just that NDs, ADs, and lead poisoning are typical examples of things that people don't ever think will happen to them, until they do. The safety precautions are really pretty simple and straightforward, so I like to follow them whenever I can.
Thanks for the safety pointers. After the 1st spray of solvent I realized how powerful this stuff is and immediately moved my cleaning station to the back porch. Then used Clorox wipes to wipe down area i was just at. So I definitely understand the concern for where the cleaning is performed at now. That's why I included the pic, to See errors I didn't even think about.
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