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This thing is a beater, right?... I mean, I've never owned an older rifle before. To me, it is really cool to think of it being from '49 (or '50)... but in reality, I guess it is nothing special.
My hunting rifle (Grandpa's Remmy 721) was made in 1958. I'd no sooner abuse it than I would my kids...... It is special, because of it's history ...... though it's only worth maybe $400 bucks, I wouldn't trade it for a 6920 and 20 30round mags, even at today's prices .....

Think about it: Your gun was made back when they made them one at a time, in a shop where they had time to make them right..... it was not a volume business. That won't happen again, outside of a a high end custom shop ....... and then it won't have the history your gun has: Any schmuck with a fat bankroll can buy a Cooper or Wilson Combat. The make them every day.....your gun? That's all there is. Ever.
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